We provide the Extra care services

Extra care

Fabricguard - £45.00

Once your interior has been cleaned, extra care you need to keep it that way by having a Fabricguard treatment. Protect the seats and carpets of your car, as you would your furniture and carpets at home. After Fabricguard is applied, everyday stains are wiped away using a damp cloth.

* Please note - your car will at least require an interior valet before fabriguard can be applied.

Extra care

Leather Protection - £45.00

Leather upholstery is very durable, provided the loss of essential oils and preservatives caused by evaporation is occasionally replenished. Leather protection is a carefully blended emulsion containing soaps and natural oils to protect and moisturise your automobile leather.

* Please note - your leather seats should be clean before the protection is applied.

Extra care

Soft Top Re-Proofer - £70.00

Helps prevent the harmful penetration of road grime, salt, leaf gum and bird dirt deep into the fibres of your soft top material. Re-establishes the original 'as new' water proof weather barrier. Contains UV inhibitor, mould and mildew barriers.

* Please note - your soft top needs to be clean before re-proofer can be applied.

There is a £60.00 charge for cleaning if required.

Extra care

Odour Fresh Deodoriser plus air-con clean - £80.00

A powerful disinfectant and deodoriser that will effectively destroy bacterior such as E.Coli and MRSA whilst completely killing all odours including tobacco, mould/damp, pet smells, sweat and dairy.

* 'Please note - it is recommended that your vehicle is internally valeted before this service is offered.'

Extra care

Dash and Door Card Protection - £35.00

Creates abrasion resistance, dirt, water, and UV repellency to all interior vinyl, plastic and rubberised surfaces.'

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